E-space Communications philosophy is that only the site's visitors may grade the site. Therefore, we have neither jury, nor professional pundits to the selection of nominations of E-space "Web of the Year". It’s only the visitors themselves who can provide a relevant assessment whether or not the site is up to scratch during their visits and thus help to nominate the best site.

“We feel that existing awards not are reasonable since so many, a part from the visitors, get to have an opinion about which companies and organizations that has the best web sites. We let the visitors have the last word. This is not a competition but a confirmation that the companies and organizations are working in the right way when it comes to giving their visitors the information and the services they are in need of”, says Heikki Jungell, CEO at E-space Communication.

The 2011 award is founded on surveys carried out during December 2010 to November 2011. Each company is represented in one industry only.

The nominees are:

1. Banking/Insurance/Finance
Bankgirocentralen www.bgc.se
Sparbanken Eken www.sparbankeneken.se
Sparbanken Rekarne www.sparbankenrekarne.se
2. IT/Telecoms/Internet
Bredbandsbolaget www.bredbandsbolaget.se
Telia Privat www.telia.se
Volvo IT www.volvoit.com
3. Energy
Vattenfall.se www.vattenfall.se
Fortum.se www.fortum.se

4. Non-profit associations
Barncancerfonden www.barncancerfonden.se
Hjärnfonden www.hjarnfonden.se
Världsnaturfonden www.wwf.se
5. Associations/Organizations
Lantmännen www.lantmannen.se
Medborgarskolan www.medborgarskolan.se
PRO www.pro.se
6. Corporate websites
AB Volvo www.volvo.com
Sandvik www.sandvik.com
Tetrapak www.tetrapak.com

7. Municipalities
Ale kommun www.ale.se
Simrishamn www.simrishamn.se
Skövde kommun www.skovde.se
8. Government agencies
SIDA www.sida.se
SVA, Statens Veterinärmedicinska Anstalt www.sva.se
Vasamuseet www.vasamuseet.se
9. Travel/Tourism
Birka Cruises www.birka.se
Eckerö-linjen www.eckerolinjen.se
Golf Plaisir www.golfplaisir.se

10. Sport/Culture/Entertainment
Folkspel www.folkspel.se
Svenska Spel www.svenskaspel.se
Svenska Postkodlotteriet www.postkodlotteriet.se
11. Manufacturing/Raw materials/Metal and Steel
Boliden www.boliden.com
SSAB www.ssab.com
12. Manufacturing/Engineering
Saab www.saab.com
SKF www.skf.com
Volvo Trucks www.volvotrucks.com